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C/Joan Torruella i Urpina, 21-23
08758 Cervelló, Barcelona.SPAIN
Tel: + 34 93 684 27 22


A company dedicated to the creation and elaboration of flavours and savouries for the food industry.

We count on high qualified and experienced professionals in food flavours.

We develop our products according to the specific requirements for every application, giving agile and effective solutions to our customers.

Our flavours, registered under ESPECIAROMA® trademark, offer the highest quality at a really competitive price.

ESPECIALIDADES AROMÁTICAS, S.L. C/ Joan Torruella i Urpina, 21-23 • 08758 Cervelló • Barcelona • SPAIN Tel.:(+34) 93 684 27 22 • Fax:(+34) 93 684 27 23

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